Document Processing

Gain total control of your important business documents

Form Automation

Converga’s Intelligent Document Recognition (IDR) software and high-speed scanning infrastructure uses your business rules and information from your back-end systems to provide an automated document approval service for any kind of business document.

Application Processing

Converga can process all kinds of applications, from simple scanning and extraction of key data, through to fully integrated portals that allow customers to complete their application online, submit supporting documentation to be verified and link it to their initial application.

Claims Processing

Our claims processing solution offers reliable, comprehensive automated claims management, including claims receipt, document categorisation, imaging, indexing, data capture, workflow management, exception management, live file management and tailor-made business rules.

High Volume Scanning

We can scan, index, archive and upload thousands of paper documents per day, giving you access to your documents via DVD, hard drive or online.

Print Management

Save resources by sending through a print ready file and Converga will print and send for you.

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