When mail services are obstructed, companies risk disrupting everything from invoicing workflows, to cheque processing, to the completion of critical forms and applications (especially when critical documents are not accessible by the necessary team members). It can even disrupt third-party services such as courier and transport services.

Converga’s Digital Mailroom is a secure, fully outsourced service for managing your business’s mail processes. Requiring no investment in infrastructure, hardware, or software, Digital Mailroom swiftly alleviates the burden of disrupted mail services and ensures companies and team members continue to receive mail, even during these rapidly changing times.

Converga's Digital Mailroom

How does it work?

A Digital Mailroom is a service by which Converga manages the reception, distribution, and digitisation of an organisation's communications.

The Converga Digital Mailroom service collects mail and courier items on behalf of your business, then scans, classifies, and distributes according to preset rules you establish. Our services can streamline your existing mailroom, or you can transfer your entire mailroom operations to a secure Converga Technology Center—the option is yours.

For faster delivery than standard mail can provide, our Digital Mailroom services can open and digitise correspondence to route it to a workflow for  the intended recipient. You can add additional services in which we reroute mail to other recipients or reroute and deliver magazines and parcels to a physical address while adhering to your business’s compliance policies.

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As our business grew so too did our operations costs in managing a greater influx of work, specifically
document processing. We engaged with Converga to provide a solution to our onsite document digitisation
Converga collaborated with us to ensure our specific business requirements were catalogued and followed.
Converga has now been a trusted partner of ours for 10 years, providing a reliable, scalable and cost-effective
solution, ensuring we can meet and even exceed the expectations of our customers and partners.
- Matt Morris
Transformation Managed Services Managed
AIA Australia
Why implement a digital mailroom?

Consider the current limitations and struggles you have with your mail services. You may experience limited or delayed access to mail and packages, an inability to retrieve filed mail, errors and delays associated with the manual handling of mail, and security issues required by privacy policies. Each of these can be exacerbated when implementing a distributed workforce.

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  • Access instantly from anywhere

    Secure, cloud-based storage on our server means you can access Digital Mailroom from anywhere

  • No infrastructure investment

    With our cloud-based services, there is no hardware for you to purchase.

  • Digitising mail

    Reach remote workers faster with digitised services where we open and scan your inbound mail.

  • Sending mail and packages

    Optionally, you can choose to receive and send physical mail and couriered items.

  • Reduce manual mail handling

    Eliminate manual processing tasks with our automated inbound and outbound handling services.

  • Business Intelligence

    Use any web browser

    With support for nearly all browsers, you access your mailroom services online any time.

  • Finance and Accounting

    Save time and money

    Cloud services mean there are no computers or software to buy and no infrastructure to build.

  • Inbound mail handling

    Eliminate manual processing tasks with our automated inbound and outbound handling services.

Why choose us?

Even as mail volume grows, our Digital Mailroom solution provides fast, secure mail and package routing, mail digitisation, outbound mail processing, and tracking through our secure, cloud-based system. Whether augmenting your internal mailroom, or moving your entire mailroom operations to our facilities, Digital Mailroom can confidently streamline your existing mailroom to increase efficiency.

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Case Study: Precinct Properties

Converga was able to successfully manage inbound and outbound mail and couriers on a daily basis for Precinct Properties.

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Available Digital Mailroom Add-on Features
  • Courier matching

  • Fulfillment services

  • Security screening

  • Third-party supplier management

  • Tracking tools

Outbound Services

In addition to inbound mail services, we also offer outbound collection and distribution, and we scan all mail, both incoming and outgoing, to provide tracking information to authorised users. Tracking mail is a requirement for many companies, especially in the financial sector, and Digital Mailroom delivers the tools you need to ensure compliance.

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Inbound Digital Mailroom  Outbound Digital Mailroom 

Inbound digital mailroom services encompass receiving, sorting, processing, and where possible, digitising documents typically received on-site at a business’ physical location. These functions are delivered aligned with business rules defined by each unique client.

✓ Digitisation of physical mail items, through scanning
✓ Distribution of digitised mail items into predefined workflows
✓ Routing of digital mail items to specified recipients
✓ Digitisation of invoices and applications
✓ Processing of cheques, banking, and reconciliation.
✓ Extraction of data from physical forms and documents based on client indexing requirements

The outbound features encompass bulk and adhoc communications with clients or subscribers, taking the form of:

✓ SMS communications – for example, distribution of a reminder message to a client’s customer base that monthly statements have been distributed via email for the month, or for the broadcasting of critical company announcements that require immediate distribution.
✓ Email communications – this can include the distribution of correspondence to our customer’s customers, such as creating a tailored email body and attach monthly invoices, statements, or general notifications and distribute to an identified group of recipients.
✓ Paper communications – including printing, fulfilment, and distribution services.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  • Does Digital Mailroom handle emails too?

    Yes. Digital Mailroom has the capacity to ingest both physical and digital documents. The solution can extract meaningful data, images, and attachments from emails and distribute these the appropriate recipient as would be the case for a physical mail item.
  • Will Digital Mailroom deliver packages to our remote workers?

    During the implementation of your Digital Mailroom, you can define addresses authorised to receive packages. These can be satellite offices, branch locations, or home addresses.
  • Our entire staff is remote, can we have all our mail delivered to Converga for processing?

    Our Digital Mailroom services are available as a complement to your internal mailroom or as a wholly managed service from a Converga Technology Center.
  • Is Digital Mailroom secure?

    Security is our top concern when it comes to providing mailing services. Our proprietary application is cloud-based with a level of protection unsurpassed in the industry.
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