Kiwi Bank: Application Processing

Converga’s application processing solution has helped Kiwibank diversify its credit card products and broaden its customer base.

Kiwi Bank: Application Processing


The Business

Kiwibank’s low fee, low interest rate credit cards have helped the company grow to a customer-base and revenues that are the envy of the banking industry in New Zealand.

The Challenge

Kiwibank needed help to manage and process the increasing volumes of paper-based and online credit card applications, so they could concentrate on aggressively growing their credit card market share.

The Solution

Converga proposed a business process management (BPM) solution that would provide processing scalability, accurate high-speed data capture, full visibility of application status, improved customer experience and cost efficiency for Kiwibank.

The Application Processing solution incorporates receipt of all branch or direct mail generated applications to a nominated private bag address, document opening, preparation and out-sorting, and completion of the office use section.

The state of the art Converga technology can determine the type of form, the elements of data to capture, the business rules to apply to the data and the format of data to be loaded into core banking systems.

The Results

Converga’s solution has reduced the traditional cycle times associated with credit card application processing, and increased visibility by making all application documents and attachments available via Converga’s web based digital storage and access service, which assists specialist Kiwibank staff with day-to-day exception handling. This efficient system has increased employee satisfaction by giving them the time to do what they are best at.

We needed to eliminate the service risks associated with volume volatility in our business. Converga has proven to be a valuable partner in us achieving this outcome.

by Nick Astwick, GM, Consumer Finance, Kiwibank
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