Benefits and Rewards

Career pathways

Team Members throughout Converga have the opportunity to grow and develop through our vast range of roles and training opportunities.

By joining our team, we provide quality training and experiences that ultimately drive you through your career within the office environment. Converga actively provides opportunities to all roles through job enrichment programs, career development, talent management and personalised development plans to kick start your career!


Diversity in roles and locations

Since our conception in 1994 we have grown extensively and now operate in 120 sites across Australia and New Zealand. We offer a diverse range of end to end career opportunities. From Mailroom Coordinators to IT Developers the career opportunities are endless. The opportunities are based on-site and at various client sites across Australia and New Zealand.

Recognising our Talent

We recognise that our most valuable asset is our people…That’s why we take such good care of them!

Rewards and Recognition

At Converga we motivate you and encourage you with rewards and recognition for a job well done. We'll build on your strengths and talents and identify and help you achieve your career goals.
San-Ji Awards Program
Where you deliver high performance it doesn't go unnoticed. Our Awards programme is open for all employees. Quarterly San-ji Awards recognise those who actively demonstrate our values. Our ultimate Shogun Award is selected annually.

My Benefits

Working for Converga means you have access to a number of benefits designed to save you money, make life easier, make you feel better, and celebrate your Contribution to Converga. Below is a small example of benefits we offer: 

Private Healthcare Plan

We give permanent employees the opportunity to join a Converga Corporate Health Plan. By making the move, not only do you get the health cover you would expect, but other things that you may not!

Corporate Volunteering

We offer all employees the opportunity to have a full day’s paid leave per year in order to support a worthy cause by participating in a volunteer program. 

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Free and confidential short term counselling is available for all employees and their families to address work related and personal problems and provide advice and information on associated issues.

Annual Influenza Vaccinations

We offer free, voluntary vaccinations to prepare you for winter.