Managed Services

In today’s economic climate, businesses are seeking new ways to achieve efficiency through flexible and responsive approaches. Converga commenced operations in 1994 when
our first client required an outsourced partner who could deliver an innovative approach to mailroom management.

From that day on Converga has offered a variety of Managed Services that allow client businesses across all industries to convert complex and costly non-core functions into dynamic
and cost effective processes through outsourcing.

Through effective transfer of knowledge these business functions become scalable, adaptive and efficient. Additionally the nature of our partnership enables costs to be linked
directly to outcomes.

Converga’s Managed Services are based around a simple principle;

Your non-core office services and support functions are our core business.

Converga’s employees are recruited based on their passion and aptitude for delivering client centric results. Our team has an abundance of experience designing and implementing solutions that are tailored to meet your existing process outcomes and quality expectations.

All of Converga’s solutions are optimised through a combination of best in class;

  • People
  • ŸProcesses
  • Technology

Our focus on innovation, sustainability and lean-business practices means our clients enjoy greater efficiency and improved financial outcomes. Our solutions are proven and documented, delivering on-going cost savings, increased service levels and productivity, reduced carbon emissions and an on-going strategic advantage for our clients. Converga’s Managed Services solutions include:


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