Document Services

Converga’s Document Services solutions are a streamlined process using state-of-the-art technology to digitise your paper-based documents and store them securely online. Documents can be sent via multiple channels including physical collection from your PO Box, received through a dedicated email address or scanned directly from your mailroom to our Technology Centre.

Converga’s Intelligent Document Recognition (IDR) software and high-speed scanning infrastructure for paper to digital conversion process thousands of paper-based documents such as forms and applications for our clients every day. Using your business rules and information from your back-end systems, we can provide an automated document approval service for virtually any kind of business document.

The rewards can be significant. For most organisations the solution significantly reduces the cost of handling the high volume of paper they receive every day. Scanned documents can be entered into a workflow system for organisations to easily re-route mail to another recipient or recipients, plus the process provides an instant document archive for online access at a later date.

All of Converga’s solutions are optimised through the combination of best in class;

  • People
  • Processes
  • Technology

Our focus on innovation, sustainability and lean-business practices means our clients enjoy greater efficiency and improved financial outcomes. Our solutions are proven and documented, delivering on-going cost savings, increased service levels and productivity, reduced carbon emissions and an on-going strategic advantage for our clients. Converga’s Document Services solutions include:


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